Vaseline pendant



This is a design of a vaseline pendant. It can be used to carry your lip therapy around your neck. It is a very funny piece! Why not print it in a bright color of your choice? The pendant has a tread so it can be sealed. Use your lip balm on a cold day, and protect your lips from the elements.

My girlfriend has funny ideas for designs!

Greet Raimon

I have printed this model at an 0.15 mm layerheight and, with 18 % infill. I use a 0.4 mm nozzle. And i have used a brim for a better bed-adhesion. Design process

I modeled (modelled if your british) this object in fusion 360. Used the thread function,

( for tutorial how to use the thread function use this link:  )

and extruded the text to object.

Design Files

File Size

vaseline container v2.stl
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vaseline lid.stl
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