Bowl v7 (bigger more robust)


Since bowl v6 had major issues while printing, i had to redesign the robust bowl. I'm sorry if you printed bowl v6 and it wasted your filament.  This is a bowl in the shape of a ellipse, with a voronoi pattern. This is not a big model and, it will fit into a regular buildvolume just fine. Use this bowl to house your (small) stuff in. 

I have printed this model with white Ultimaker PLA, at 0.15 mm resolution and 18% infill. I have used my 0.4mm nozzle and the extruder temperature was 210 degrees celcius. My printbed was set at 60 degrees celcius.

Design process

I used the patch environment to shape the bowl, using the loft feature. This way the model has zero density and can be used to make a voronoi (single) pattern in meshmixer. After applying the pattern in meshmixer, i have made the bottom in fusion and combined the two models together as one. This way the bottom of the bowl won't have the voronoi pattern. And that gives a better result.

Greet Raimon Elctrncs


Design Files

File Size

bowl v7 ellipse.stl
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