Designer Toothbrushholder ( with Voronoi pattern)


Designer toothbrusholder with voronoi diagram.

Credit goes out to LaunchLab who design this model in the 1st place:

I remixed this wonderfull design by LaunchLab with the intention to give the model a different twist.

I have printed this model with a 0.4mm nozzle and 0.15 mm layerheight. Infillrate was 18 %. 

As support i used a brim. Print with the toothbrush-holes facing you.

Design process

To make a voronoi pattern on a model like this i discovered you had to make it a solid first in Meshmixer (first i had no idea). The rest was a piece of cake! .. .if you follow a tutorial about this meshmixer tool (make pattern), you will learn the skill in under 15 minutes.

I have links to meshmixer tutorials in my other (voronoi) designs. Just check them out!


Design Files

File Size

designer toothbrushholder voronoi fixed.stl
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