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These dolls are meant to resemble their Japanese wooden counterparts. In Japan, these dolls were often created by pottery creators. They would place the wood on a potter's wheel and use wood tools to shave down the dolls.

Growing up, I remember seeing dolls just like these at my grandma's place. They were often put out especially for holidays like Children's Day. I created these as a way for others to celebrate Japanese culture and remix it into something cool.

Print up these dolls and then paint them with a variety of designs. Common motifs include floral and geometric patterns.

Because the dolls are solid, they can be easily scaled up and down. The top-heavy kokeshi may require weights inside as the model is being printed to provide enough weight to keep the doll upright.

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Slender Kokeshi Doll.stl
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Female Kokeshi Doll.stl
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Top-Heavy Kokeshi Doll.stl
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