3D Print Router Vacuum Shoe 80 - 4IN

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3D Print Router Vacuum Shoe

Design for 80mm router and 4” hose (connection outside 101mm)

I design a part what is in pair with this - CNC 4 inches VACUUM HOSE BRACKET for 80mm SPINDLE. It will help to take the load from the vacuum hose in to the shoe!

In order to avoid printing with support brush holder was design in two parts and connected together with 8 M4 bolts.

The used brush is Easy cut strip brush as the one from Mc. Master. I do not endorse Mc Master, is just an example. Brush need to be drill and tight up in place by 8 M3 bolts.

You will need following parts listed below to complete the project:

Nylon – insert lock-nut   M4 X 0.7mm thread – 8pcs

Flat washer M4 – 8pcs

Bolt M4 X 0.7mm thread, 16mm long – 8pcs

Nylon – insert locknut   M8 X 1.5mm thread – 1pc

Flat washer M8 – 1pc

Bolt M8 X 1.5mm thread, 20mm long – 1pc

Nylon – insert lock-nut   M3 X 0.5mm thread – 8pcs

Flat washer M4 – 8pcs

Bolt M3 X 0.5mm thread, 22mm long – 8pcs

Magnet - D 6mm H 4mm – 8pcs

Brush - 635mm for each unit - Easy cut Strip – recommend different size 1”, 2” and 3” for 3 different brush holders.

(1/4" Wide x 3/16" High Backing, 3" Overall Height)


Please ensure those are the size of your router and vacuum hose before you buy the design!

Please see the rest of the 3D Print Router Vacuum Shoe systems. If you do not find one for your equipment, please let me know and I will make one to fit your system if is possible.

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