Smartwear charging station

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This is a charging station for your elektronical devises such as smartphones or smartwatches. It can be mounted to a wall. You can also use any holder for you smartphone that fits on the covers of the box. I added covers without the holes, so you can use different holders (e.g. two smartphone holders) and add holes for the cable where you need them. Only the position of the covers need to remain. You always need cover D2 and D3. They will fit, but the postition of the magnets wont fit perfect, so it won't hold as strong as with the correct postioning. I also added a split box version for the ones whos printer doesn't want to print the box in whole.

Feel free to take a look at the assembly video: (Audio is in German)

If you want to build it you need additional to the printing parts:

16 Neodym-magnets size 3mmx1mm

An USB 2 port charger like this one:

An C8- socket:

An C7 electrical wire:

Design Files

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Box second half.stl
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Box first half.stl
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Gear S3 Holder.stl
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D2 without hole.stl
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D1 Flash.stl
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D3 without hole.stl
106 KB
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Gear S3 Holder 2.stl
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Smartphone holder.stl
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Box entire.stl
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