Nano PI NEO / NEO2 + 2'8 TFT enclosure

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Nano PI NEO / NEO2 + 2'8 SPI TFT enclosure

High quality, 2 parts, 2mm thick walls, optimized for 3D printing, no screws, accessible push button, look like an old TV. :)

There is two variations for both parts for the first revision (top & bottom) :

  • Enclosure with ETH hole or without (you can hide a USB WIFI key inside, that is how i am using it)
  • Top part optionally fully covering the push button

There is also two type of revisions :

  • Rev 4 bottom and Rev 3 top are compatible, they do not cover parts of the screen entirely (so you can see the screen border), the enclosure is also 1mm thicker than the next revision
  • Rev 5, the top cover all the screen parts (and push button) with 0.4mm part so it look great and finished, 1mm was removed from the top wall and 1mm was added to the top band to remove some light bending issue when the display is inserted

The enclosure in the photo is in between Rev 4/3 and 5, it has fully covered screen parts but it does not cover the push button and it have the 1mm thick wall of the Rev 4 (you can see some slight bending which was fixed in Rev 5), the top band covering the screen is also 1mm thicker than in the Rev 5 which make it slightly warping (this was fixed in Rev 5).

I print them with PETG.

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