Adaptable wind turbine

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A portable wind turbine that you can adapt on what you want, here it is mounted on a small box to recover some energy through a small generator. It's up to you to be inventive.

It is easily mounted on a 10 diameter threaded rod secured with bolts and washers. Remember to use glue to fix the 4 blades with the 2 supports.

You can see in the photos the theoretical diagram of the air flow  and the simulations realized on SolidWorks ( I did not have Catia) ! The air flow direction on the simulation is reversed compared to the theoretical diagram !

To print the blades I had a printer that could first print a base before printing the blade over it.

200x200 mm

Nothing prevents you from enlarging it for your needs (or reducing it)

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Wind turbine base with clearance fit.STL
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Wind turbine base without clearance fit.STL
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