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For a newer presentation of the Gir Speakers, go to https://www.designuitinspirati... Also more information about the used speaker can be found here!


This is an imitation of Gir from the TV animation series “Invader ZIM”.

When I took a look at this Character, I immediately saw a speaker-box in it :-)

The parts where first printed in PLA and after that painted. The reason for the different colors is that I used 3 printers to save time.

Some parts are screwed so you can open it again for change or repair.

There are two different peaces to choose from for the STL's “head speaker part”, “head top lid” & “head mouth”. You can choose the ones that works the best for you. The “head speaker part2.stl is without a hole/bore where the speaker will come to sit. The reason is that you can make the right size hole for the speaker you may have.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :-)

If you think I forgot something or may be made a mistake, feel free to comment :-)

Design Files

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hand R.stl
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455 KB
79.1 KB
2.89 MB
eye L.stl
359 KB
eye R.stl
285 KB
hand L.stl
228 KB
head chin neck.stl
2.74 MB
head connection plate.stl
81.4 KB
head mouth.stl
4.13 MB
head mouth2.stl
4.31 MB
head speaker part.stl
2.17 MB
head speaker part2.stl
2.11 MB
head top lid.stl
168 KB
head top lid2.stl
116 KB
91.1 KB
pin 1.stl
17.4 KB
pin 2.stl
26.8 KB
pin 3.stl
19.4 KB
shoulder L.stl
908 KB
shoulder R.stl
913 KB
speaker bracket 1.stl
14.8 KB
speaker bracket 2.stl
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