blade plug : DeathBlossome


DeathBlossom "A weapon of last resort" 

I made this 1 inch (25.4mm) width blade plug to print with no support at 100% infill. This gives you a solid 2mm wall thickness in the blade section like a normal blade plug it will not create a solid object. Looks good fully seated or sticking out. There are three sizes one fits my remnant perfectly and the other fits my monark perfectly and everything else really since its so short.The last one is just the tip. With the tip you can then print the blade blank and kill the print at the right length and glue it on or glue together multiple tube section if you need a crazy long one. I included pictures of a simple paint job over some high temp clear pla, but I know you guys will come up with some amazing paint jobs and interesting translucent filament choices. Just remember transparency is determined by the thickness of the paint, no paint is also cool you can paint the inside to shade, like all prints the the first layer my need some cuting or sanding to fit.

Design Files

File Size

blade blank 70mm no tip.stl
49.4 MB
DeathBlossom just the tip.stl
11.1 MB
DeathBlossom 51mm total length.stl
57.4 MB
DeathBlossom 66mm.stl
71.1 MB


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