Small clipboard for shopping lists etc.


This is a small clipboard, for holding a piece of paper for a shopping list, or similar. It's for paper 3.5 inches square. I happen to have a lot of these, so I thought I might as well use them. (Of course I could just use a small notepad.) The board is intended to hang on a vertical edge. The top part is intended to store a pen.

If you do make one of these, I recommend using several sheets of paper at once, or perhaps sticking (glueing) a thin bit of card to the  board, under where the paper goes, so it's less inclined to let go.

The one in the photo was made from PLA (home-made 3D850 filament). The nozzle size was 0.6mm. The print is not good, as I'm still getting the hang of making PLA filament, so the diameter variations are pretty bad.

Two models are uploaded... one with pads designed-in, to stick the model to the print bed, and one with no pads.

Printing hints - It's intended to be printed on it's side, for strength. I use Simplify3D, with 'Avoid crossing outline for travel movements' selected, and 'Maximum allowed detour factor' set to 100, to try to reduce stringing. (I'm using a Delta printer.) Retraction is set to 10mm.

Good luck!

Small update - second photo added, showing one printed in black PLA (not 3D850) .  A piece of card from a cereals packet is glued to it.  This is needed when using a single sheet of paper, to stop it falling out.

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