Aloy's Banuk Sickness Eater Headdress

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This is my first 3D project ever! 

My favorite game recently is Horizon Zero Dawn. I love Aloy’s costumes, especially her skull-like machine headdresses, so I decided to model one of them.

I learned Zbrush to model the headdress and used the Lulzbot Taz and Lulzbot Mini at my local library to print the pieces out of ABS. I used the default print settings for the Lulzbot in Cura.

Once the pieces were printed, I sanded each one and then bonded them together using ABS dissolved in acetone. After filling the seams and sanding again, I spray painted with a white base coat before adding distressed textures with acrylic paint and metallics. Finally, I sewed the fabric parts together and attached them to the headdress via the channels on the front.

The best part about this project is that now I get to feel like Aloy! Thanks for taking a look.

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