Cageless Roller Bearing


Summary This is a version of my cageless bearing, but much easier to assemble. Actually it is not completely cageless since the rollers need to be constrained, but it can be manufactured pretty easily with 45° angled rollers at the end so they can be frictionless contained. Actually it's just a proof of concept. I only used 0.2 tolerance for the mounting aid, the need for additional tolerances remains to be found out, print is currently in progress. UPDATE: apparently... I should have used more spacing. Inside and outside fit over the rollers in the mounting plate, but don't fit together since apparently the pins are slightly pushed in- or outwards. Very tricky to dial in, since it should be a press fit... please update me if you managed to dial it in. UPDATE 2: fixed an error of not adding the tolerance to the outer ring. After printing, I measured and corrected the spacing accordingly, so in theory now it should fit (better). Notice that a deviation of 0.1195 in radius resulted in the roller formation to collapse... UPDATE 3: I noticed if the bearing is loaded, the rollers at the bottom will be pushed away, pushing the rollers above together. So, I guess if the concept works, it should work close to 45° roller angle since then the movement when the bearing is not spinning does not cause the roller constellation to collapse. For printing, flip 180 degrees. As rollers I used 6x14mm dowel pins. Apparently customizer is not able to load the attached libs... so, doesn't work. Shortcut functions and other libs curtesy of the OpenSCAD master parkinbot ;)

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