MVS Toy Truck Wheels

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Summary Ever have one of your kids not so cheap (but really low quality) toys break? Well, a wheel fell off this truck one of my kids got from a zoo gift shop. Enter Super Dad. Took some measurements with caliper and micrometer, and then used Design Spark Mechanical to model a new set of tires. Now the truck not only has all wheels, it has BETTER wheels! Included in these files is the .rsdoc for anyone else with Design Spark that might need a set of wheels for a similar truck. See the snapshot of the AutoCAD drawing for the specifications I used to create this 3D model. Print Settings Printer Brand: LulzBot Printer: TAZ 5 Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: .2 Infill: 50 Notes: Printed with ABS, coated with spray Plasti-dip. Post-Printing I used spray Plasti-Dip to get a good rubberized coating so they could roll better with the other plastic tires (which they replaced).

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