Destiny Exotic Ghost shell "Fastlane"


Print using 0.1mm layer height, 0.16 gives quite a lot of stepping on the top curves. Lots of sanding required to get it smooth enough for paint. I used a couple layers of primer and then Plasticote automotive red.

I didn't use supports on the outer shell and with correct cooling the overhangs and bridges print fine. If your printer doesn't do well with overhangs supports may be needed but extra sanding will be required to smooth the underside.

Print 4 of the headlight pieces using clear plastic and they should push fit into the holes on the front half of the shell. I super glued smt white leds onto the back of these and used thin magnet wire to connect them (using a resistor) to the 5v line from the battery circuit.

The inner core needs supports due to the shape of the indent. I placed a small 0.96" OLED in the hole for the central eye and used a small fake Arduino to drive it. A Lipo drives all the electronics.

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