Tokyo Marui mp7 battery mod replacement


Summary This is a replacement to the nineball battery mod. You will either need the parts from that kit, or make your own wiring, contacts and plactic bolts. Depending on your printer, sanding is needed for a smoother fit. If you like it, feel free to tip. *the cutout on the back is for a small pick to pull it out if stuck. ALSO this one is shorter, the nineball one for me would not let me close the front of the gun back. add some squishy foam to get good contact and it will close :) Print Settings Printer: Cr10 Rafts: Yes Supports: Doesn't Matter Resolution: .2mm Infill: 70% Notes: You can get by with less, but if it gets stuck then its less likely to break pulling it out in my opinion. Print horizontally, with the filled out portion on the bottom.

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