1.9 Crawler Beadlock Wheel

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This is a 1.9 sized beadlock wheel for your crawler or scalar. It will fit NON SHOULDER style 12mm Hex's. You can always drill out the hole to allow a SHOULDER style 12mm hex to fit. Inner ring is 15mm wide. This is designed for smaller diameter tires.

The 6mm offset dist is required for all AXIAL knuckles. The "outer" file has no offset from the face and can only be used on a Losi MRC style axle or a rear strait axle. DUALLY Rear adaptation is coming soon!

Hardware: 14x 2x12mm CAP


Print Tips:

Back Rind - Print widest Part down, Front Ring - Print bottom down on raft with supports, Inner Ring - Print Holes Down on raft with supports

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Dully Inner.stl
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Dully Front Ring 6mm off.stl
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Dully Back Ring.stl
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