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Summary Looking for something cool to give to your partner this valentine? How about a pendant coded with a hidden message? Surprise your crush with this QR code pendant/ keychain. The code says " Will you be my valentine?" upon scanning. To print this, you have to use the pause feature on your 3D printer and you will need two filaments-prefarably white and black. I haven't tried with other colors but in theory any dark color instead of black should work too. How to print? Start printing with white filament and keep printing till it starts doing the embossed part. Pause the printer (I use M600 in prointerface of cura to pause) and change the filament to black and resume printing till the end. Scan it using a QR code scanner from your smart phone and enjoy! P.S.Only if I had someone to give this to :/ How I Designed This How to make a personalise QR code keychain/pendant Step 1: Go here ( and generate a personalized QR code. Step 2: Convert the downloaded image of QR code (Jpeg or png) to SVG format using Step 3: Import the SVG file into tinkercad and place it on top of a baseplate with a ring on top and group them to get the final design. Step 4: Export as stl and print.

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