1/72 Scale: Trench System

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A Trench System for use in 1\72 Scale WW1 games. Alternatively, can be used for 28mm scale gaming as well, though it may need scaling up slightly.

It was as not designed to be a realistic representation of a WW1 trench, but only good enough to look the part for tabletop wargames in any period.

Please post your printed of this, preferably all decorated. This system literally (and I mean literally) caused my printer to go up in flames, so I've been very hesitant to try and reprint it. So I would like to see what others have printed and how they are using it.

Design Files

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Trench System - Duckboard.stl
33.6 KB
Trench System - Barbed Wire.stl
74.1 KB
Trench System - Intersection.stl
10.2 MB
Trench System - MG Nest.stl
6.54 MB
Trench System - Mortar Pit.stl
12.6 MB
Trench System - Straight Section.stl
3.82 MB
Trench System Corner Section.stl
3.62 MB
Trench System - Fire Step.stl
4.96 KB


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