duet 0.8.5 / DuetWifi holder and feet for 2020 kossel mini

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Summary These are the parts to hold duet 0.8.5 under build platform of the kossel mini with 2020 extrusions. In particular for the base side extrusions of 24cm. It also includes feet to raise the printer above the table and optional rubber shoes (to be printed rubber filament) for the said feet. They make the whole thing much more quiet. I do not have panel due and do not plan to have so I don't know whether it plays along well. To make use of the thing you need to print 3 feet, 4 holder parts and optionally 3 rubber shoes. In addition you'll need 3 M5 nuts 3 M5x20 screws M5 tap 4 T-Nuts 8 M3x10 screws (or 4 M3x10 and 4 M3x8 or M3X6 screws) 4 M3 nuts Once you have all that, you basically follow your heart and provided pictures to put it all together. I have attached both original STLs and netfabb-repaired. Just in case. 2016-09-10: Have just confirmed DuetWifi has the same dimensions. Print Settings Printer: Kossel Mini Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 layer Infill: 25%

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