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Summary The extruder can be customised for particular pulley and idler sizes, spring length, etc, but one would probably need to download source code — — and render the customised parts. The provided sample customisations (corresponding to the uploaded STLs) are for my two extruders. E0 pulley diameter 12.65mm with the teeth 7.9mm from the bottom of the pulley E1 pulley diameter 11.5mm with teeth 7.5mm from the bottom of the pulley both extruders use spring 10mm in diameter 9.6mm long when fully compressed. Both are 1.75 filament. Though there are many parameters adjustable, it is not guaranteed, of course, that any combination of parameters will produce a functional part, but at least that's a start. I use these — — mounts to mount them on my once BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos printer's frame.

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