Customizable E3D Titan mounting bracket

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Summary I've had the wrong version of titan extruder delivered (though later replaced by nice folks at e3d in no time). Having mirrored extruder is not absolutely critical in my case, but mounting it using the stock bracket was impossible (was silly of me to order one). Also the upgraded motor, being shorter, cant' be mounted with connector facing sideways using original bracket (can be fixed with a cutter knife). So meanwhile in that no time in which e3d replaced the extruder I designed this bracket, which I think is pretty close to the stock version with cutouts for motor connector, though I haven't seen the dimensions anywhere and was too lazy to measure STL. At any rate, the SCAD file allows to customize more or less everything, even though the customizer form only has two values to tune, which are thicknesses of two mounting plates that one can adjust to one's particular mounting circumstances. I may be adding more to the customizer later if there's demand, but downloading the SCAD file and tuning it is an option already.

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