Customizable roller adapter for Kossel Mini with 2020 extrusion


Summary I noticed one of my carriage wheels is wiggling, so I ordered new rollers and those, of course, happen to be of different size. The designs available are not exactly non-customizable, but reading through .scad and figuring out how to adjust all the hardcoded values is not something a developer can tolerate. Especially if one may expect having to do that again in the future. So based on the existing designs I've made one that is customizable based on parameters that are meaningful. The prebuilt .stl file is for roller 11mm thick with effective diameter of 22mm (the actual roller diameter is about 24mm) and M5 screws. It has both the longer and 20x20 mount options because I'm going to redo the carriage as well and not yet sure what mount option I will pick. Customizer allows adjustment for the inner and effective diameter and thickness, .scad has more customization possibilities.

Design Files

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