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Summary Let me start by thanking the people who inspired me to develop this violin remix. I especially want to thank firecardenal, on Thingiverse, who provided my initial inspiration and who by his numerous designs, showed the variety that could be achieved. I also wish to thank Stepan83, Jaxelsson on Thingiverse, and bchan on Pinshape who contributed parts used in this remix. I liked the clean styling of the “Easy printing Electric Violin” and the classic look of the “Mina Violin (Electric),” but I wanted to see if I could make an even more traditional look while keeping with the modern style of other 3D printed electric violins. Most of my changes are purely cosmetic but are meant to pay tribute to the original work of such masters as Stradivarius. Rev 2 corrected error in Lower Neck and Upper Bout for correct attachment. Print Settings Infill: 20% Notes: All parts can be printed without supports, except for the chin-rest Recommended printing parameters: 4 Shell thickness. 3 top down solid thickness. 20 % infill 0.20mm. layer heights. Post-Printing If you print on ABS filament, you can use acetone or PVC pipe glue to bind the parties. If you print on PLA, then use a epoxi glue. If you do not want to paint the PLA, be very careful not to sand or file any of the exposed areas, instead use a small Exacto knife to clean up edges. If you choose to paint you can use a sanding paper and patching paste for automotive jobs to leave a smooth surface to paint on color of your choice. Don't forget to use a primer paint. Materials List: Printed parts – 10 pcs Body Waist with F Holes 2 pcs Chin Rest & Shoulder Supports 2 pcs Neck Parts 3 pcs Upper & Lower Bouts 2 pcs Bridge 1 pc Violin Pickup and Preamp - for under bridge (easy to find on eBay or Amazon) Guitar Tuning Pegs - 4pcs (2 left/2 right) violin strings – 4 pcs Threaded Metal Rod M8 x 370mm – 1pcs Screws: m4x25 - 9pcs m4x50 - 1pcs m4x40 - 2pcs m3x8 - 4pcs (for tuning pegs) m2x10 - 4pcs (for electronic preamp) Nuts: M4 – 16 pcs m3 long nut - 4pcs for hot installation in holes (for pegs screws) or you can use M3 Brass Wood Screw Inserts for the tuners - 4pcs (likely need to drill out a bit for a smooth fit, brass is soft and will break if it has much resistance in the plastic) How I Designed This I felt the scroll work at the top of the neck and the “F” holes in the body are part of that classical look but which were missing. I found the scroll “SLA Violin – Scroll” part of the “Violin” by bchan ( I tried various necks but found the best fit using “elviolin_v2_neck_p1_wout_support” and “elviolin_v2_handle” for the upper bout from the “Elviolin v2” by Stepan83 ( Moving down the neck, I used “violin_neck_part2_better_pickup_wiring” for the lower fingerboard, “violin_neck_part3” for the tuning peg box, “body_lower_bout_basic2” fpr the lower bout and the “body_waist_block” from the “Mina Violin (Electric)” by Jaxelsson ( I then cut “F” holes into the body waist. Since I wanted to use the chin rest, “EZ2PRINT03” from the “Easy printing Electric Violin” by firecardenal ( I cut the chin rest support pegs from the lower bout of “EZ2PRINT02” part of the “Easy printing Electric Violin” and added them to the lower bout from the Mina Violin. I wanted to accessorize as completely as possible so I included the “SHOULDER_SUPPORT” from “Captain Nemo Electric Violin” by firecardenal ( and the “BRIDGE” from “Rock Star Electric Violin V-3”, also by firecardenal (

Strativariant V3: I've replaced the waist with "body_waist_F_holes_through" where the "F" holes pass all the way through the waist and a file "eViolin Body Waist with F holes plus base" with the "F" holes that pass almost all the way through but the base covers the backside of the waist. This should correct the unsupported cavity in the original waist with "F" hole file. That file hasl been removed. I've also added Violin Bridge (Electric), ( by EngAl as this bridge appears more properly fitted.

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