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This lamp is inspirited by the Lotus flower.

It consists out of 12 separate leaves that can move because each has its own SG90 servo.

These servos are controlled by an Arduino Uno. My intention was to control the servo’s by a light sensitive resistor (and it worked well), but for assembly I used a potentiometer. I also added a simple Arduino sketch for making assembly easier. It works with one potentiometer that controls al the leaves. If you don’t know how to wire the servos and the potentiometer (light sensor) please consult the Arduino website:

In this sketch I divided them in 6 pairs. See picture.

The Leaves and LED holder are printed in “spiral vase mode”. One pair of leaves is printed as a vase. After printing this “leave vase” you have to cut them out with scissors. Most of the leaves I printed with a 0.4 mm nozzle and cutting them went very well. But the orange big ones I printed with a 0.5mm nozzle and that was much harder to cut. I recommend using only one or two layers on the base (bottom). That makes cutting these leaves out easier to. Then I glued the leaves to the holders.

The LED holder is also printed in “spiral vase mode” and for installing the LEDs I made little holes at the top for the wires that go to the LEDs. At the bottom (the side that goes into the hole) I cut out 2 slots. This way it’s possible to put the led holder in the hole and the servo wires can still pass. See picture

The LEDs themselves are 1w and have to be glued on a heat sink. I made these heat sinks of little pieces of aluminum (in flower style). If you don’t know how to drive these LED’s you can consult another model:

The Base is printed “the normal way” and needs support material.

Mounting the arms of the leaves to the servo the screws that come with the servos can be used. In my case I didn’t even use a screw. I included “servo test fit peace” so you can test fit the mounting hole of the “leave arms/holders”.

Then you need 4 M3x10 bolts and 4 nuts. The Servos are installed without screws and fit like Legos.

For the bottom lid you need small wood screws (or the ones that come with the sg90 servos).

Design Files

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3.47 KB holder for leave medium3.stl
1.52 MB bracket holder.stl
327 KB holder for leave medium2.stl
2.29 MB leave medium2 vase mode.stl
21.3 MB leave small vase mode.stl
21.9 MB leave medium3 vase mode.stl
24.1 MB holder for leave medium4.stl
1.82 MB leave medium4 vase mode.stl
4.56 MB holder for leave large.stl
1.6 MB lid.stl
1.1 MB
4.08 MB test fit peace.stl
251 KB holder for leave medium1.stl
1.92 MB holder for leave small.stl
1.86 MB leave medium1 vase mode.stl
21.3 MB holder vase mode.stl
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