Glock 21 UltraMod™ Kydex Holster Molds

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This mold was custom designed in house to produce a low drag variable retention holster system compatible with all Ultramod mounting systems and accessories. Check out my website at to check out finished holsters and find awesome creative content including instructions on how you can make your own holster like a pro.

To make a complete holster you will need an UltraMod™ UMP as well as the UltraMod™ Victory clip, UltraMod™ OWB Panel set, or UltraMod™ IWB loop. You will also need appropriate hardware which is available on my website.

FITS: Fullsize and short frame large Frame (.45ACP and 10mm) Glocks like the 21 and 21SF

This mold set is includes:

stand-offs, tensioner, smooth side for both L and R draw, and mounting side for both L and R draw

Design Files

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G21 part 1 OWB.stl
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G21 part 1.stl
467 KB
G21 part 2 OWB.stl
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G21 part 2.stl
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G21 Standoff.stl
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G21 Tensioner.stl
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