Brasscraft BC260 Cable Drum Machine Drill Attach Collar Replacem


Summary Replacement for Part number 401-725550. I am not a mechanical engineer. Please use at your own risk. 3D Printing Thanksgiving Plumbing Miracle. Without the smell! I bought a brand new cable drum machine to snake out the clogged plumbing after yesterday's unwanted Thanksgiving Day food purge. We will not name names, but someone regularly overloads the garbage disposal, then quickly turns off the water to save money. As always, it was left to me to restore the family household to full readiness. The kitchen and laundry were out of service. The rest of the house could shower or purge at will. As I unpacked the box of my new power tool, I noticed that the new collar that mounts the new drill motor to the new housing was broken. In the box. New. Broken. Brand new broken. Sure. I know what you are thinking, return that and get a full refund. Where is the fun in that? For less than the cost of gas to drive back to Home Depot, I would create a better bracket clamp thing. I gathered requirements, took the necessary measurements, drafted up a quick design, and printed a quick prototype for fit purposes. I actually ended up using the second prototype. It worked. Like a charm. I successfully unclogged the plumbing, and never even had to use the final version printed out in tough nylon. By the way, the machine worked like a charm. I love my new Brasscraft cable drum machine. How I Designed This I started from a 2D photograph of the broken part. I added and stretched a cube and cylinder to match the drawing as closely as possible. I then resized the model to match the x, y and z dimensions of the broken part. I then added the bolt. I stopped the first print part of the way through in order to make sure the fit was correct. I made adjustments and printed the first full prototype. I attached the prototype, made note of a few more changes, and tried out the prototype while I printed the final nylon version. The prototype worked great. Split a little because the bolt recess was too small. The final nylon print is absolutely great.

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