Remix of Top mounted spool holder Robo 3d R1 + plus

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Summary I love having a top mounted spool holder. I have it on my other printer so I wanted one for my Robo 3D R1 + also. I did not like/couldnt print the wheels that were included in the original Top Mount Spool Holder. I also like to have the least resistance as possible. I use bearings to accomplish this. for under $9, I got these, Print the bracket as normal. You will need 4 608 bearings. You will need 4 bearing hubs. You will need 8 washers (I included a cutout version but have not tried it. I Dremeled mine). You will need 4 screws. I have been told that 4 M3 * 25 Screws and Nuts as fasteners with metal washers worked well but have not tried myself. Put it together and you will have an awesome, easy rolling spool atop your Robo 3D printer. Print Settings Printer Brand: Robo 3D Printer: R1 ABS + PLA Model Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .1mm Infill: 15% Notes: i used shell thickness of .8 for both horizontal (shell thickness) and fill (bottom/top) .1mm layer height 45mm/s print speed 200C nozzle 50C bed

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