Cell and Cell Organelles

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Cell and Cell organelles lesson has been academically designed by refering to syllabus prescribed by ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) for Standard (Grade) 7 Biology.

This lesson is intended to teach students about cell and various cell organelles present inside them. Nucelus, Mitochondria and Chloroplast are studied in more detail.

The pdf uploaded has the study plan as well as handout for the lesson.

3D printed models have been used to help students imagine how things inside a cell are.

Design Files

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Mitochondria Detailed Model.stl
167 KB
Nucleus Detailed Model.stl
1000 KB
9.46 KB
Animal Cell Membrane and Cytoplasm.stl
492 KB
Animal Cell.stl
464 KB
Chloroplast Detailed Model.stl
8.7 MB
35.3 KB
113 KB
Endoplasmic Reticulum.stl
84 KB
Golgi Body.stl
178 KB
797 KB
104 KB
Plant Cell Wall and Cytoplasm.stl
273 KB
Plant Cell.stl
556 KB
816 KB
Plant Vacuole.stl
155 KB
Animal Vacuole.stl
831 KB
Cells and Cell Organelles (Study Plan Handout).pdf
794 KB


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