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This lesson plan is designed to get an entire classroom working together to design as a group. There is tremendous freedom in here to really make it your own if you want to. It enforces communication and critical thinking above everything. Have fun!

You can take your students all the way through the design process as follows.

Resource identification 

Choosing a problem they can solve

Choosing how to solve it as a group 

Designing with real world considerations and prioritization

Prototype production


Final project

The STL files on this page can be used to demonstrate creative problem solving and enforcing that just because you're used to something looking a certain way doesn't mean thats the only way to execute the design. Its just a fast and easy shell for a wind turbine. It can also help to get them to draw from other experiences and incorporate them into their design. Good engineering means bringing everything you have to the table. bringing everything to the table means valuing personal experience. They need to understand that when they make something they become the expert on it. They may have the right combo of knowledge to make connections others can't. If they can embrace that concept then they will become leaders and inventors of the future.

Printing instructions:

just make sure the main body is printed fins towards the nozzle. Standard resolution and speeds are fine for everything.

The non geared axle fits in the back of the turbine just like the geared one. You can use it as a desk toy, ornament, or jar after the project is done.

Design Files

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