Distance Triangulator


I have not printed this. I have no need for it, yet. Print settings I would probably use:

Using PLA:

The 3 top and bottom layers, 3 vertical layers, .2 infill, .3 layer height.

Hopefully no supports.

Temperatures: I use 65deg for bed and 205deg for extruder.


The beam between the protractors is 1” (25.4mm) square aluminum tube.

All holes will need to be tapped with an appropriate sized tap. Either metric or standard tap sizes.

The hole on the bottom of the TriSiteBeam is sized for a tripod tap (1/4X20).

The sight is similar to a gun sight so a 1.75mm piece of a contrasting color will be glued to the front sight.

The length of the 1” aluminum beam will determine the accuracy (+/- 1/2deg), longer is better. As you can see its just a learning tool, half a deg is pretty bad for any distance.

Graduations are 1 degree with longer marks at 5 and 10 degree locations. If you do decide to print, post a picture.


Everything can be defined using triangles. Hopefully this device will help you understand the importance of the triangle and its use in geometry, and importance in the cad programs you use.

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