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A biodegradable flower pot is intended for students to educate themselves in 3D modeling, 3D printing and biology. Students can learn that there are materials like biodegradable PLA. In addition, students learn how to grow a plant, and if they take proper care of the plant, one day they will be more responsible. Students can also learn how the 3D printer works and how to make their own 3D model that will draw in Tinkercad, which is very easy, online and free program for 3D modeling and it is great for learning.  This educational plan can be realized in most countries of the world because it encompasses 3D modeling and 3D printing that is taught in all technical high schools and biodegradable materials that are one part of the biology / nature and society subject that teaches plant breeding and environmental protection with biodegradable materials. This curriculum and education program has most EU countries and the rest of the world. For more informations about this project you can download the 3D model (.stl file) and the lesson plan (.pdf file ) for free. 

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