Metric screw threads ISO 724

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Catia model of all metric screw threads according to ISO 724.

  • With parameters.
  • With thread run-out.

Configurable inputs:

  • d=D = Nominal size
  • P = Pitch
  • L1 = Gross length
  • Clearence


  • Internel thread (nut)
  • External thread (bolt)
  • Nett length (Gross - Run-out)

Request me for the CATPart file (I can't drop it here). Or ask me for the desired .stl file.

Also available BSPP ISO 228 & BSPT ISO 7-1 (G/R/Rp/Rc).

Design Files

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Metric screw thread M12x1.75 ISO 724.stl
2.82 MB
Metric screw threads ISO 724 (DIN 13 T1).pdf
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