Cup holder man 2

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I needed a place to store little bottles of alcohol and cup holder man 2 was born. This holder was made to fit anywhere, any place.

The legs, head and body are separate parts for it to be able to print it on a FDM printer. Also with the head I had some problems with printing. It did not come out as a sphere. Therefore the head is split in two halves for people who only have an FDM printer. Some parts are just glued together, but the parts that need to be strong have treated rod (or bolts) inside. You also need:

1X M4 x 20mm bolt and nut 1XM4 x50mm bolt and nut (or M4 treated rod and 2 nuts) See print screen 

Printed in ABS, resolution 0.2mm For arms and legs it’s recommended to us a brim

Design Files

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leg R.stl
2.71 MB
head in 2 parts B.stl
5.36 MB
16.8 MB
arm L.stl
6.42 MB
arm R.stl
7.68 MB
leg L.stl
4.25 MB
2.05 MB
1.43 MB
head in 2 parts A.stl
11.6 MB


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