This summer the 2017 Fina World Championship took place in my city, Budapest. On this occasion I've decided to finish my long planned countryball collection and share them with you. This little guy is the first one in the series. Two more are coming soon...

He is a cheerful, active, little countryball, who will happily pose with you on your photos when you're roaming around the city with your friends or wandering on the beautiful countryside of Hungary.

EDIT (2017.10.12.): Updated the model, so now it has the same 22 mm distance between the clips as the Betyár countryball, in case you would like to combine the two into an only mustache/only hat countryball.


This model is designed to be printed in multiple parts, WITHOUT support at 0.1-0.15 mm layer height with someinfill. Since the eyes are separate pieces you can print the tree layers in the colors of your country's flag. For the best accuracy print it slow! I've used 20 mm/s for the outer walls. Print two of the clips.


The model is designd to be assembled without glue only with its snap-fit joints. Use the exploded view as a guide. First attach the tree layers with the clips, then push the eyes with the contours in their place.

Note that the tolerances were designed to fit the accuracy of my Ultimaker 2. You will need a similarly accurate printer and fine settings for the snap-fit joints to work properly, otherwise you might have to readjust the size of the clips.

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