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Summary As a FYI There is a License agreement with this Download and If you do download these STL file you are agreeing to the license. My son is graduating High School so, I made these graduation hats for his party. One holds custom M&Ms with his face on it from The hole in middle of the hat is cup cake size. The other one holds custom cookies with his face on them as well. Cookie size is 2.75 inches Diameter. From The tassel I used colored twine about 13 inch long. I folded it and cut a few times to get the right length. I used 20 gage metal wire from the bracelet area at my local hobby store.I drilled a hole in the top only(do not go all the way though). tide a knot or two then stuff the hole then used extruder to fill hole with filament by manually pushing til hole was full then used pliers to smooth while still hot so you need to move quickly. Don't let the hot nozzle hit the twine it will melt it. To print them flip so top is down with supports. I did have some warping issues but I found a fix so if you have problems let me know.

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