Tape Gun (dispenser) Reel Replacement


Broke my tape gun reel, and decided to fix it myself.  This is my replacement.  Printed in RigidINK's PLA (Thanks RigidINK!), with my XYZ DaVinci 1.0a running repetier.  Settings were as follows: 185c extruder, 40c build plate, 55mm/s speed, 90mm/s infill, .3mm, 20% infill, and support type: touching bed.  

Designed in Tinkercad, and designed to spec.  No need to scale.

12/31/2107 - Added reel with 12.5mm center hole.

Design Files

File Size

Tape Gun Reel 12.5mm.stl
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Tape Gun Reel 7mm.stl
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