Die-Hard Dad

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[Sculpt was made entirely in Oculus Medium]

For my sculpt, I’ve taken the 90s Hollywood concept of manliness and put a unique spin on it. The classic “manly man” is muscular, handsome, confident, independent, secretive, aloof to the point of being disinterested, even affectionless. I’ve taken one such classic image of the manly man and re-invented him as a nurturing father. Instead of guns and bullets to pacify the enemy, his weapons are milk bottles and…well, pacifiers. He is strong, though not necessarily physically strong. His real strength is his character and determination. He hoists his son upon his back gladly; it is an honor, not a burden or embarrassment. This manly dad derives his energy from a genuine love of his boy, and, of course, coffee does help every now and then. The real manly man is not afraid to show the world how much he cares. His confident expression reveals a hint of a playful smile. All in all, he renounces the old, silly Hollywood ideal of affectionless bravado. He stands tall, accepting his most important role of “Daddy”.

Print Settings: Because of detail, high or ultra quality is best. Sculpt should be 6 inches in height in order to preserve some of the finer details. Printing speed should be set to medium to avoid mistakes. 

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