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Size: 100mm x 70mm x 90mm

The name of my design is Oculi, eyes in latin. Applying the Johari window technique to analyze myself and also with the help of close friends I came with this design for my avatar. It is based in an owl and it represents some of my most important characteristics. I'm a quite person who enjoys the night and there are moments that I also enjoy solitude. People say that I have expressive eyes and also one of my physical features is that they are big and I'm an observant person too. I wanted to use a "cute" design because I'm not really tall, in fact I'm really small for my age and people say that I look like a baby. 

I like to help the people I love and care about when I have the possibility, just by listening to them or giving them tips. Owls are associated with wisdom so I also wanted to represent that feature by choosing an owl for my avatar.

Finally I wanted to add something that represents one of my hobbies: reading. I added two books but the idea is to add all the books that I want and give them different arrangements, that's why the book can be printed separately.

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