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Summary This is Randofo. A very cool and simple robot created by Randy Sarafan (His nick is Randofo in Instructables)


You can find the original version here:


The original project uses Standar Servos from Radioshack. I created my own version of the body to use futaba 3003 motors or similar and Arduino UNO or similar boards I also created a hardware control using Icestudio and the Icezum Alhambra, an open source FPGA board.

More info at: https://github.com/jcarolinare...

Print Settings Printer: Prusa i3 bq Hephestos Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 0.2 Notes: The legs and gears are easy to print but you'll probably need supports. The body due to his form, however, will need more supports and time. If you are using Cura I recommend to change the Line Support distance to 3.6667 for a better support removement. Post-Printing Assembly

I reccomend to follow the original instructions of instructables: http://www.instructables.com/i...

The only difference is the electronic part. In this version you directly have the PCB holes for Arduino UNO or similar.


In the case of an Arduino, you can use the original Arduino code. It's simple but it works!

In the case that you are using an Icezum Alhambra FPGA board you have the hardware in the format of an Icestudio file. You can easily change the values of the roms that controls the servomotor movements using the program oscillator_rom_generator.py

Icezum files here: https://github.com/jcarolinare...

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