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This year I collaborated as a volunteer at Mini Maker Faire Madrid. The event was awesome and I wanted to record a lot of things while I was working.

So I decided to use the Maker Faire Robot as a camera holder for my Polaroid Cube camera. It worked great and people loved it!

I had to fix the broken faces of the stl using a good mesh algorithm, at the end the easy way was using the Autodesk STL Tinkercad algorithm. You have a freecad file with a solid robot if you wish to change something. The original hack is in:

Hope you liked! And remember, if you use it please send some photos^^!

This little hack (just a few holes) is a remix of the next model:

Based also in the original:


Coin hack

To keep your polaroid cube in your robot I highly recomend to glue a small coin inside the hole as you can see in the photos. I use an euro 1 cent coin and it works pretty well with the magnet of the polaroid cube.

You can use a normal pendant cordon to bring your robot around the world. Put the cordon through the four holes (arms and head). To reinforce the the system use two loops.

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