Powerful Healing Buddha


Original Buddha sculpture that captures The Buddha in Adhitthana (Resolute Determination).

This is a powerful Buddha meant to transmit unwavering decision, tenacious resolution, complete self-determination and resilient will.

Adhitthana (adhiṭṭhāna) is one of the ten perfections exemplified by The Buddha's strong resolve to become fully awakened.

"And as a mountain, a rock, stable and firmly based, does not tremble in rough winds but remains in precisely its own place, so you too must be constantly stable in resolute determination; going on to the perfection of Adhitthana, you will attain Self-Awakening."

Print with supports on chin, earlobes, and underarm.

Print with at least 10% infill.

I create original Buddhist Art. Search "Jetavane" on Etsy if you need this printed and hand-finished by me. This is my livelihood.

Timelapse video: https://youtu.be/-zSCZs3KyU4

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