XYZ Coordinate System

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X-Y-Z axes useful when explaining SE3 transformations and thinking about robot movement. In the picture I used Wood-colored PLA for the base, with black PLA inset letters. All the arrows are separate pieces, and thus can be printed in the strongest direction. A couple drops of super glue hold everything together.

Solidworks files are available here:

Design Files

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3.2 MB - center_ball-1.STL
1.17 MB - X-arrow-1.STL
658 KB - X-label-1.STL
37.2 KB - X-label-2.STL
37.2 KB - Y-arrow-1.STL
618 KB - Y-label-1.STL
17.3 KB - Y-label-3.STL
17.3 KB - Z-arrow-1.STL
639 KB - Z-label-1.STL
27 KB - Z-label-2.STL
27 KB


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