fixed cerberus333's bullet bill 4 elastic powered pelletslinger

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this is just a novelty pellet for the elastic powered pellet slinger, used under license of Cerberus 333 from thingiverse the fixed bullet bill belongs to the rightful owner used under license, 

*aug/29/2017 toronto time zone today i decided that this is this models last update but this is not a reason to shut down the blueprints nor will it result in the blueprints getting shutdown strictly from these exact circumstances alone but i also meant to add still feel free to use & download but it will stay as status qou until further notice on this exact case & will still remain available 

*  now updated with better pellets

* update friday aug 4 2017 i am just tested the latest version of the bullet bill  ( bullet bill 3 ) & it worked out well enough that thats going to be the latest blueprint on this file

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Bullet Bill by cerberus333

Published on January 22, 2013

   Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial 

this disclaimer includes any use of this blueprint has to credit cerberus 333 from thingiverse like i did here & make sure its non commercial except under owners consent,

also regarding this being a pellet its at your own risk,we are not responsible for any infractions as its the responsibility of the one who printed which results as a manufacturer but also the ones distributing & shooting the pellets

  by downloading you agree you will be with ethics,with integrity,& be reasonable & you following all laws, all contracts including any terms of use agreements,

note please also use the pellets provided as refills as required also i just tested a pellet from Cerberus 333 from thingiverse he designed the small part on the #thing:43882 

& this is just for this project i could not thank him enough & i wanted to credit him for the new novelty bullet pellets but this one you dont have to have it on a angle like the original bullet bill pellet but do scale it t & it should be perfect 

* note on update no problem or anything but i did find it better after i scaled the pellet to 10.37 mm x 10.37 mm x 17.69 mm

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