Fidget Hand Quintuple Spinner / Ball Bearing Holder


Summary Here is a remix version of my quintuple M14 Hex Nuts spinner. This one is holding 6 standards 608 skateboard ball bearings (Ø22mm), 1 in the middle and 5 on the outside. Good inertia and around 1min of spinning (depend on your bearing). This spinner is lighter than my M14 nuts spinner version but the gyroscopic effect is very nice ! Hole diameters is Ø22.1mm for good bearings mounting. 7mm wide for perfect balance after bearing assembly. I printed it using Blue glow in dark ABS for an amazing show in the dark. Stop using your pen clicker and start hand spinning ! Print Settings Printer Brand: CEL Printer: Robox Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 200 microns Infill: 50%

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