Fidget Hand triple Spinner with 3xM14 hex nuts

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Summary Here is another remix of my Hand Quintuple Spinner M14 hex nuts. This one is holding 3xM14 Hex nuts ! Use standard 608 ball bearings (diam 22mm) It's lighter than my quintuple/sixtuple hex nut spinner for a pleasurable spinning experience ! I also added a "short version" with a slight different design. If the nuts are too loose you can glue them. Or carefully fix them with a hammer and a hard flat surface, or sand nut holes with a small file, if they are too tight (depend on printer precision). I use the bearing cap uploaded on this design : (made by by 3DanielDesigns) Enjoy Print Settings Printer Brand: CEL Printer: CEL Robox Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 200 microns Infill: 40-60%

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