Ankly Robot - 3d Printed Assembled

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Articulated Robot design.  His name es Ankly

It is printed articulated, without need of later assembly. A challenge for your printer, you must adjust it well to be able to print it since the tolerances for the joints are minimal. Once printed it is necessary to review and remove the small supports of the piece.

You will find two files one at 100% in size and another at 80%. ( 100% size it is easier to get good results)


Print Settings

Rafts: No Supports:No Resolution: 0.2mm (size:100%)  0.16mm(size 80%)

Infill: 20% (to 100% size)  40% (to 80% size)

Notes: To print at 80% of its size, I recommend choosing file "80 little puppet Ankly.stl" Layer Height: 0.16mm Wall thickness: 1.2mm Infill density: 40% Wall speed: 35mm/s Infill speed: 60mm/s

Design Files

File Size

100 size for Ankly.stl
18.8 MB
80 little puppet Ankly_ .stl
18.8 MB
60 reduction Ankly.stl
18.8 MB


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