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Summary This is a test print I did before working on a different project. There are 6 pieces: 1 top plate 1 base plate 2 pin bases 2 pin caps The spacing between the cylinders is 0.1 mm, and the spacing between faces is 0.2 mm. On my print, the pin bases are flush with the bottom of the base plate, and the tops of the pin caps sit about 1 to 2 mm above the top of the upper plate. It took quite a bit of force to pull the plates apart once it was fully assembled, but, obviously, pulling it apart the first time was the only time it was difficult. After disassembling it and reassembling it for half an hour while watching Futurama, the two faces still hold quite well. I am posting this because I plan on charging a couple of bucks for the new design I made, and I would like for people to be able to do a test print for free to make sure their printers can handle it. The new design requires 60 pins (120 pieces) to assemble, so I imagine that it would suck to pay for a design and find out that your printer can't do the print. Post-Printing Tight Tolerances I highly recommend cleaning up the prints if there is any stringing or artifacting. I had some stringing in my prints, and I had to use my scraper tool to get the parts cleaned up enough to get the pieces to fit. It took a little bit of force to get everything connected. For some of the pins, I placed the flat part of my scraper tool on the backs of the pin pieces and applied pressure on the printed plates. Note: The bottom pins should be flush with the bottom face of the base plate. The top pins should stick out about 1-2 mm from the top of the top plate.

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