Free Energy Magnet Wheel

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I have seen this on Facebook so I have setup a stl file for those of you who wanted to tests this concept.Please note you will need two ballbearings for this project and of course magnets.(not tested myself)

This is a smaller version as shown of the clip but if your heat bed is 150mmX150mm you will need to cut the design.

I would like to test it but it will have to wait in my print quie for a while.Let me know if you have any succes and feel free share your experience.

I know most people dont believe in the free enegy concept but I know there is a way, it is all over the galaxy.If someone is going to find it ,it will definitly be from the 3d printing community.

Please note all lisences belong to the third party.

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Magnet Wheel step2.stl
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