90 Degree Spiral Cube

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Summary Cube which turns through 90 degrees up its height. Print Settings Printer: Vector3 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.2mm Infill: 20% How I Designed This Similar to my other things posted here, this comes from the code I give to my students to help them to start developing 3-D graphics. Part of this code creates a base cube and then a series of other classes apply different distortions on the cube. In this case the vertices of the cube are twisted by an increasing amount as you move up the cube. As this goes from 0 degrees at the bottom up to 90 at the top, each side sort of replaces its neighbour. A couple of nice touches. Firstly is the fact that the facets of the underlying triangles catches the light both in the real world model as well as in the graphics, which means I got the lighting model in my code right! Secondly, if held to the light correctly the model casts a circular shadow. As well as being a nice solid model if printed as is, if scaled along its height and printed in vase mode it makes a very effective vase. As shown in the last picture.

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